What Women Want from Websites

OK, so bloggers like Andrea Learned and Jory Des Jardins have me thinking I’ve ignored women too much in my marketing. But that wasn’t enough, CNN had to tell me that I’ve ignored them in web design as well.

This cnn.com article reports that 94% of websites show a masculine orientation while only 2% show a “female favored arrangement.” Yowza! If we expect the world wide web to procreate, I’m not real keen on the girl-to-guy ratio here.

The article piqued my interest in an obvious market opportunity, but their solution left me concerned.

So should Web sites consider having two faces, one for male users and another for female visitors? Moss said more research is needed.

“At the very least,” she said, “we think there ought to be a combination of aesthetics.”

I’m often leary of anything that says, “He likes blue. She likes red. Make it purple.” That’s exactly what comes to mind when you say, “combination of aesthetics.” Instead, maybe we should try to understand why women enjoy bolder background colors and why men were pleased with a 3-dimensional look. Then we can take that knowledge and see how it intersects with our products, our company, and our brand.

(thanks to Jason for sending the cnn.com article)

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