If you’re like many others in America, you watch CSI (Crime Scene Investigators). My wife and I are hooked on the show. I could go without some of the gory scenes, but the combination of evidentiary crime solving and character development is apparently appealing to many more people than just me. The investigators process every […]

Gorgeous Deserves(?) Your Attention

click graphic to see enlarged image. Maybe that explains why Gorgeous does nothing to EARN it. This advertising campaign for Jaguar serves as a great example as to the mentality of far too many ad agencies. Their ads DEMAND attention instead of REWARDING it. Even on a website where it is oh, so easy to […]

Entertainment vs. Investment

So, as it seems most ad agencies feel the answer to the dilemma of floundering response rates is entertainment… why haven’t we seen response rates increase as advertising has become more and more entertaining? Maybe it is because entertainment doesn’t imply a noticable investment. I used to have a whole life insurance policy. It’s like […]