How much loose change…

… do you carry around? That used to define how much you would spend at a vending machine. Apparently that’s no longer the case. Macy’s is adding iPod vending machines to their stores. Todd Jones, a retail analyst at PNC Wealth Management in Philadelphia, said the price of iPods could make that area of Macy’s […]

Rajesh is a Brand

Via the Tom Peters! blog, I was introduced to a great NXTBook (yeah, I had never heard of that either) by Rajesh Setty, Personal Branding for Technology Professionals. It’s a great resource for identifying and promoting your personal brand. Not a technology professional? No problem. There are some examples and points relating directly to the […]


If Blast! comes to your area… DON’T MISS IT! Yes, I was a bit of a band nerd in junior high. So, I guess this would qualify as Revenge of the Band Nerds. The show is a spectacle to be seen. The music and choreography are breathtaking. We enjoyed it MUCH more than Stomp (which […]