Building Mom and Pop Websites: 5 Questions to Ask

My friend Jason, who is a web developer, asked the question Is there any value in “brochure” type web sites? Not much, I think. Here’s why: My philosophy is that “Mom and Pops” are better served by following a permission marketing approach with websites. 1. How can I create content people will COME BACK to […]

The Baton

I just got this email from Staples today. My wife and I are trying to organize our home office, so I thought I would forward it to her. There’s no “forward to a friend” button. I could forward the email myself, but these HTML emails never look right when I send them. There was link […]

Green Cows

“Our product is superior to the competition. Our advertising shows people how we’re better. Why aren’t people buying our product?” There could be many reasons, but today I’m going to focus on one possibility: You’re not talking to the green cows. (before you question my sanity, read the rest) A lot of marketing and advertising […]