Tulsa Marketing Events of Interest

Management Impact Wednesday, Feb 28th 2007 BMA Tulsa Luncheon (11:30 -1:00) Jack Hayhow of Opus Communications Focusing on the four key activities of all great managers, Jack will show how great managers provide employees what they need to increase productivity and profit. Jack and his book, Wisdom of the Flying Pig, were featured on Brand […]

In Sheep’s Clothing

We’re on the lookout for wolves. You know… back-stabbers, saboteurs, spies and just plain evil-doers. We suspect they’re among us. The wolf in sheep’s clothing. But there’s something much more dangerous in our midst, also masquerading as sheep. This “silent killer” of companies is much harder to find than the wolf. He wears the disguise […]

The People Brand

If I asked you to name a brand you might mention Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, or Starbucks. But what is a brand? It’s not just a logo. I could create a logo just like Apple’s. But it doesn’t mean my company will instantly be successful. The brand isn’t just the product. The annals of business are […]

What about the next day?

I’ll be honest.  This scares the bejeebers out of me: Wannaspell.com is a live whiteboard in which anyone can move magnetic letters around to spell out words, etc. Lets see how many times the word “Digg” can be spelled out in a room! This is the coolest site I’ve seen all day. The live whiteboard […]