Tulsa Marketing Events of Interest

Management Impact
Wednesday, Feb 28th 2007
BMA Tulsa Luncheon (11:30 -1:00)
Jack Hayhow
Jack Hayhow of Opus Communications

Focusing on the four key activities of all great managers, Jack will show how great managers provide employees what they need to increase productivity and profit.

Jack and his book, Wisdom of the Flying Pig, were featured on Brand Autopsy exactly one year ago today. (what are the odds?)

If you’re in the Tulsa area, RSVP for this event.

The Overlooked Marketing Edge
Thursday, March 1st 2007
2007 Entrepreneur Day Tradeshow (2:30 PM)
Dustin Staiger, Beyond Marketing & Advertising

I’ll be speaking during Entrepreneur Day at the Claremore Expo Center next Thursday. I’ll cover how businesses (especially small businesses and startups) overlook an important channel when addressing their marketing. Everyone knows about it, but few know they can affect it.

If you’re interested in attending Entrepreneur Day, contact Rick Reimer at (918) 671-3011.

If you’re in the areas of Tulsa / Oklahoma City / Kansas City / Bentonville, AR / Springfield, MO… you’ll want to attend this annual seminar:

BMA Tulsa’s Annual Seminar

Business Coaches Clinic: Winning as Individuals and Organizations
Friday March 30th
9:00 AM – 4:15 PM

Mark your calendars for March 30th!

We’re very excited about the 2007 BMA Tulsa Seminar, featuring Dr. Jay Kent Ferraro and Michael Wagner. The catered keynote luncheon presentation will be given by Rick Couri of KRMG.

The Engaged Organization

Mike Wagner , White Rabbit Group

Mike Wagner is Founder & President of White Rabbit Group – an organization committed to help groups find innovation and new possibilities from an unlikely source… themselves! Mike will give some great coaching tips for your business team to break out of the rut, get unstuck, and see how far they can follow the “white rabbit.”

Mike also authors a marketing blog – Own Your Brand, and regularly contributes to MarketingProfs, an online “webzine” of marketing expertise.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Dr. Jay Kent Ferraro, Empowerment Technologies

Dr. Jay is the Founder of Empowerment Technologies – a national executive coaching, training and consulting firm in Tulsa, OK. Dr. Jay’s expertise in Emotional Intelligence is being used in Fortune 500 companies across the country. He will share how emotionally competent people create success for their organizations. It’s no longer about how smart you are (IQ), but how you are smart (EQ).

Registration information will be available soon. Contact me for more information.

Follwoing Direcitons

I was talking with a friend yesterday and he mentioned how his real estate tours website uses technology not recommended by the experts. He should be using video-streaming servers and paying thousands of dollars a month in hosting. They told him his technology wouldn’t work… but it does.

I used to be the marketing director of a telecom company. We used Linksys routers in a unique way. The experts told us the routers wouldn’t work that way… but they did. After the fact, even the manufacturer said it shouldn’t work. They weren’t made to work that way. Remember, this is after we proved it indeed worked in SEVERAL situations.

Our agency is working with a particular TV producer a lot lately. He was told the lenses he wanted wouldn’t work with his current cameras. He “needed” to buy outrageously expensive cameras to get his desired effect. He couldn’t just retrofit his camera to work with these lenses… but he did – and it worked. Now he has a unique style that is winning him business left and right.

Bonus – Directions for Becoming Invisible:

Step 1 – Blindly obey the experts (“blindly” being the key word)
Step 2 – Follow the directions

Step 3 – Congratulate yourself, because no one else will. They can’t see you.

In Sheep’s Clothing

We’re on the lookout for wolves.

You know… back-stabbers, saboteurs, spies and just plain evil-doers.

We suspect they’re among us. The wolf in sheep’s clothing.

But there’s something much more dangerous in our midst, also masquerading as sheep.

This “silent killer” of companies is much harder to find than the wolf. He wears the disguise well, even fooling himself. Her mission is so well embedded, if she doesn’t kill the company she most surely kills herself – her future.

This assassin might be you.

It is not the wolf you should fear, instead you should be looking for the PEOPLE in sheep’s clothing.

These are the people who are sheepwalking (thanks Seth) – mindlessly staying in line and feeling as though they’re “doing their job.” This is the cashier at Walgreen’s telling me I can’t purchase a giftcard with my credit card, but not knowing why. Worse yet, it’s the manager telling me the same thing – “It’s just our policy. That’s what they [corporate] told me.”

It’s the pilot not fighting orders to keep passengers on the tarmac. Even after he realizes he is close to having a mutiny of passengers on his hands. He knows they’re much less likely to fly his airline next time, but he’s just “doing his job.”

What a far cry from Southwest’s interpretation of the golden rule:

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Answer every letter
Call back
Bend the rules
Do the right thing
Find ways to say yes
Treat with respect

This is an excerpt from a wonderful luncheon presentation I recently attended. Kris Holt and Scott Moore of Southwest Airlines came and spoke to our marketing association in Tulsa, OK.

Look at that list again.

Bend the rules? Find ways to say “Yes”?

Are you doing that?

Better yet, are you building a culture that encourages it?

Stop pulling the wool over your employees’ eyes. Stop pulling it over your own.

The People Brand

If I asked you to name a brand you might mention Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, or Starbucks.

But what is a brand? It’s not just a logo.

I could create a logo just like Apple’s. But it doesn’t mean my company will instantly be successful.

The brand isn’t just the product. The annals of business are littered with better products which lost to the “inferior.”

The brand isn’t even the experience. Uh oh, I might have lost some of you here. I know it is popular to equate the brand with the experience. But what creates that experience? Better asked, who creates that experience?


People are the genesis of the brand. The logo represents them… it’s their signature. People create the product. People inspire the experience.

It may seem like an obvious truth, but we act as though this is obscure.

We forget it as we make hiring decisions based on paper and cloth. We are persuaded by diplomas, certificates, resumes, and a snappy suit. What about the person, his passions, her personality? Do his values align with the organizational culture? Will she take the risks necessary to grow and enhance herself and the company?

We forget it as we make decisions based on “the market.” We peddle ourselves to a nameless, faceless crowd. We speak to them in generalities from a podium, instead of specifics across the dining room table.

Lately, the concept of personal branding has been very hot. It seems like such a jump from corporate branding. It shouldn’t be.

Because corporately, or individually… it’s all about PEOPLE.

What about the next day?

I’ll be honest.  This scares the bejeebers out of me:

Wannaspell.com is a live whiteboard in which anyone can move magnetic letters around to spell out words, etc. Lets see how many times the word “Digg” can be spelled out in a room! This is the coolest site I’ve seen all day.

The live whiteboard doesn’t scare me.  What scares me is “coolest site I’ve seen all day” is considered the high bar.

This means it probably isn’t as cool the next day.

Websites aren’t the only ones affected by this.