SnapThoughts (6/29/07)

As a fun little riff, I thought I’d share with you a variety of snapshots from my cell phone and a few thoughts on each: This is called a Whisper Phone. Our daughter’s elementary school teacher showed it to us at a parent/teacher conference. Children use the whisper phone so they can hear themselves read […]


I was doing research on an upcoming project recently. While looking for examples of the ads, I came across this post on Adfreak. Maybe I’m naive, but I had no idea people found the eHarmony ads so offensive/repulsive. Here’s a comment from a viewer YouTube: They are annoying beyond belief. The people in them […]

Birds of a Feather

A little Thursday update because I don’t know if I’ll blog tomorrow. Just got out of Kem Meyer’s session Got Blog? It was a great session. Yes, some of the material was basic, but that’s what the session description stated. Still, she shared some great advice to bloggers – novice and veteran alike. Also, I […]

Learning the Art of Faith and Art

This isn’t as profound as the title suggests. Next week, I’m attending a Chicago conference with a team from Liberty Church in Broken Arrow, OK.   It’s the Arts Conference at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago’s suburb of South Barrington, IL. This will be my third time to attend one of their Arts Conferences.  It’s […]

Wanna Be Lucas?

If you ever wanted to create your own Star Wars movie, now’s your chance… kinda. In celebration of their 30th Anniversary, Star Wars has unveiled  It contains about 250 clips and an online editor, allowing fans to mix and match clips together… creating various scenarios. It’s not perfect, so you have to use your […]

Where There’s a Will, There’s No Way

My brother-in-law and I had an interesting incident over Memorial Day weekend. We were having a party for my son’s first birthday. So, we went to Albertson’s to pick up my son’s birthday cake and some propane for my grill. After we paid for everything, the clerk tells the grocery bagger to help us exchange […]