Top 5 Ways Advertisers Use Camouflage

The military spends tons of money to make something blend in and then loses it. Sounds pretty stupid when the army does it, yet advertisers do something even more inept. They spend an insane amount of money buying ad space to get attention, but then camouflage their ads. They still remain invisible because of clutter, […]


“Ugh, another post about branding. I’ve already heard and read too much about that.” I agree. This post isn’t intended to give you more information about branding. It’s intended to help you discard what hasn’t been useful. I’m reading an interesting new book called The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam. Early in the […]

Conspiracy vs. Collaboration

There are two models of communication at play today. Conspiracy or Collaboration There are times when conspiracy is a necessary evil. Most of the time though, conspiracy is a detriment to our relationships. It limits us and pits us against one another. Which do you use in your business? … in your church? … with […]