The Onus of Loyalty

When you hear “customer loyalty,” what do you imagine? The Happy Couple The customer gleefully spending all their money with you out of some sense of belonging. The Ol’ Ball & Chain The customer is locked into a relationship with you because of terms and conditions or simply a lack of better choices. The Gold […]


I just want to give thanks today: Thanks to you for reading my blog.† I’m grateful for my audience, no matter how small. Thanks to David Walker and the folks who put on Tulsa Techfest this week.† They did a great job organizing a very impressive event. Thanks to those who came to hear what […]

Living Among Critics

Last night, I attended a meeting held by my daughter’s teacher. She was explaining the structure of the class and led us through some sample exercises she uses with the students. Occasionally, she called upon us parents for volunteers to read or give answers. I was stunned by the silence and awkward glances downward. The […]