5 Great Tips for Stalling Creativity

Many of us would love to apply more creativity to our work. Sometimes, we tend to be more creative in the variety of ways we stall; preventing ourselves from creating something spectacular.

  1. Redesigning the Packaging
    I don’t know how many different versions I have created of this blog. The design keeps changing, but if I were to focus more on the content I am sure I would be more successful and content. Companies will of tens spend countless hours and money on getting their logo just right; all while ignoring customers and the demands of the market.How are you waisting time on packaging that you should be spending on creating?
  2. Checking the Locks on the Doors (again)
    Being creative often means doing the lonely work. Meanwhile, our email chimes in, the TV news calls to us and the unlimited entertainment of the web sinks its addictive fangs into our arms.Are you able to shut out distractions when creativity needs your undivided attention?
  3. Making the Copies
    We are creatures of comparison. If you never saw what other people were driving, you’d probably be fine driving and old Chevy pickup (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For an initial boost of inspiration, there is nothing wrong with looking at what others have done. Just don’t try and copy someone else’s success, and don’t continue to go back to that well. See what your inner creativity can add to your project instead of recycling other people’s ideas.Have you really poured your soul into your work? Are you doing anything original?
  4. Star-Crossed Love
    If it weren’t for a bit of bad timing, Romeo and Juliet would have been a lot better off (putting it lightly). One of the curses of creativity is giving up too soon. Whether you want to play in a band or write a novel, you have to put in the necessary time to hone your craft. This is the 10,000 hours rule coined by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers.
  5. Yes Man Syndrome
    Your time is precious. Ever tell something mundane to someone, just to hear them snidely remark, “I’ll never get that five minutes back.”? Maybe they were being a jerk, but there is some truth to what they said. We’ll never get any five minutes back, in fact. So, be judicious in what you say ‘yes’ to. Networking meetings and lectures can be helpful, but if you’re spending more time talking about and listening to others talk about the trade than actually creating anything. . . then you’re stalling.

You’re Obliged

You’re obliged to buy that car you saw during the commercial break for that TV show you’re obliged to watch while eating that burger and fries you’re obliged to buy and drip ketchup on the shirt you were obliged to get to look like that guy you’re obliged to watch play basketball in the arena named after the airline you’re obliged to fly to the city where everything stays and where you’re obliged to spend your vacation in the hotel your friend recommended as you two were drinking coffee from the place everyone obliges to buy their morning stimulants.

No. You’re not.

You’re obliged to create the things in this world that no one but you can create except the person with your experience, skills, passions, attitude and personality.

So, if you feel the pressure to be the consumer instead of the creator. Do me a favor.

Oblige me.