Before You Give Up…

SunsetWe all feel it. It’s that sense of being stuck. That feeling of helplessness. It is that nagging thought in the back of our mind telling us it won’t get better. It is like a big bully holding our head at a distance as we swing our little fists against the wind.

It adds just enough friction that most of us give up. We stop trying. We decide it isn’t worth the effort.

But some know when they’re not pushing on a wall, but instead they’re wading into water. They know friction doesn’t always hold them back. Sometimes it’s what they push against in order to move forward. So, they dive in. They kick against the waves and scoop the tide behind themselves.

Eventually, they break¬†out of the current’s hold and move with a greater ease and grace. Meanwhile, we find ourselves watching from the shoreline. Only we don’t cheer in delight. We don’t follow suit. We simply complain about how difficult they made it by leaving us in their wake.

The trick isn’t being the greatest of swimmers. It’s knowing when to dive in and not give up.

Dustin Staiger is a business and marketing coach in Houston, TX. He addresses team and individual effectiveness, marketing, communications and creativity for smaller, entrepreneurial organizations as well as large enterprises.

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2 thoughts on “Before You Give Up…

  1. Hi, Dustin. This is a great word picture of what it takes to succeed. In contemplating platform building and stretching myself beyond my comfort zone, I have to jump into my self limiting beliefs that tell me I don’t know enough or don’t have enough to offer others as an ‘expert.’ And I am preparing to launch a podcast in 2015, which is a bit intimidating. But I’ve decided to jump in!

  2. Thanks Steve. Just by diving in, you’re able to get through the tide easier than those who are standing still. Best of luck to you and your way-worthy message! Your generosity is making a difference.