About Dustin Staiger

I’m Dustin Staiger, a creativity consultant and leadership coach in Houston, TX. I help leaders transform their culture, their workplace and their leadership style into a creative advantage.

Who Do I Help?

I help leaders and teams who are stuck. If you’re stuck, it could mean you keep hitting the same walls.

Examples of stuck organizations are flattened or falling sales growth, low market perceptions, lack of innovation, issues with work culture or challenges attracting and keeping talent.

Examples of stuck individuals are a stalled career, being passed over for promotion, challenges with leadership initiatives, recurring interpersonal conflict or a lack of personal fulfillment in your work.

How Do I Help?

1-on-1 Coaching for Leaders

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Personal Branding
  • Platform and Message Development
  • Career Planning and Development

Public Speaking

  • Team Workshops
  • Group Events
  • Conferences

Organizational Development

  • Team Assessments
  • Team Workshops
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Performance Improvement Consulting


  • Brand Assessments
  • Identity Design
  • Websites
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Multimedia Production

Strategy & Culture

  • Mission and Vision Development
  • Internal Communications
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Improvement


Contact Me

If you want to contact me, here are a few ways…

By phone:
(918) 237-3747

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