Does Seth Godin Get It?

After reading Seth Godin’s latest book What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn), a friend and I talked about it. She questioned why there is such a disconnect between how most people live their lives and the possibilities Seth talked about in his book. It was a really smart question, and it […]


Here are a few tidbits from my presentation yesterday. I spent most of my blog time (and more) preparing to speak at Entrepreneur’s Day, so this might be my only post this week. The Marketing Proverb If this is a marketing proverb, what is the moral? or, some ad agencies prefer to …simply entertain. Do […]

A Conspiracy the Church Should Get In On

If you’re strongly involved in a church, you might be wondering how this new world of Cluetrain, word-of-mouth, and Web 2.0 affects the church body. Bill Kinnon has written (and recorded) an excellent book addressing this topic, A Networked Conspiracy: Social Networks, the Church, and the Power of Collective Intelligence. Bill was kind enough to […]