Why Customer Service Isn’t an Attitude

#83266580 / gettyimages.com “I don’t know anything about that.” That is the phrase I heard three times as I talked with a government agency this week. I had faxed a document the week before and waited 48 hours (which they said were necessary for the document to be recorded) only to find out that the […]

At Their Mercy

We love our independence. It is an empowering thought to imagine all of our needs being met within our own power. It is also inaccurate. We do not entirely depend on others for our success, failure or enjoyment;but our experiences are directly influenced by other individuals. When I call customer support, the person on the […]

Critical Anecdotal Mass

My wife and I visited a church while visiting some relatives. Their pastor began his message with an anecdote. It was a personal story that involved the pastor and his wife during their dating years. It was funny and seemed to get people’s attention. He then continued into a 3-point sermon about… something. I don’t remember the message, and all […]

The Onus of Loyalty

When you hear “customer loyalty,” what do you imagine? The Happy Couple The customer gleefully spending all their money with you out of some sense of belonging. The Ol’ Ball & Chain The customer is locked into a relationship with you because of terms and conditions or simply a lack of better choices. The Gold […]

A Plug for Our Plugs

A few weeks ago, I was doing research on eHarmony commercials. I thought I’d show you what we did with that research. These were some fun TV ads we created for a Tulsa area business. It really fits their brand, since they’re known for matching people with just the right appliances. We’re hoping to build […]