The Power You Have to Control Reality

Perception is reality. More specifically, YOUR perception is YOUR reality. Understanding this is critical to how you view circumstances and your life in general. We do not interact directly with reality. We filter everything through our senses. We take the empirical evidence we see, hear, taste, smell and feel; then extract meaning from it. We […]

Landscapers and Clockmakers

I was thinking today of leaders with very different approaches, both effective in their own way. The first approached leadership like a landscaper approaches his work. He would try and plant people in the area they could best grow. The right environment of grounding (soil) and inspiration (light) was integral to good growth. He didn’t […]

On Being a Creative Thinker

I have often described myself as a creative thinker. It’s not an exercise in self-aggrandizement, it just happened to be the quickest way I could sum up how I love brainstorming, white boards, quizzical questions and looking at things differently. “Creative thinker” has become somewhat tired as a descriptor though, and to think creatively may […]

Willful Suspension of Disbelief

“Pfft. That’s not believable.” I have found myself saying this during a movie or play that just didn’t ring true. And if we’re honest with ourselves, at the beginning of ANY performance we could cross our arms and furrow our brows in absolute refusal to believe the artists’ portrayals. What a loss this would be. […]

Critical Anecdotal Mass

My wife and I visited a church while visiting some relatives. Their pastor began his message with an anecdote. It was a personal story that involved the pastor and his wife during their dating years. It was funny and seemed to get people’s attention. He then continued into a 3-point sermon about… something. I don’t remember the message, and all […]