Cruel Bosses: The Gods of Workplace Punishment

Overworked employee

While some folks have fulfilling jobs, many find their work to be torturous. You don’t have to look hard to find examples portraying jobs as boring and/or painful to endure. Here is a short list of movies or TV shows. Office Space Horrible Bosses The Devil Wears Prada 9-to-5 American Beauty The Apartment The Office Even if you don’t […]

A Business Carol: Don’t be a Scrooge with Your Story

In the spirit of Christmas, here’s a fun way to make sure your business is engaging for you, for employees and for customers. Pay a visit to the ghosts of business past, present and future. The Ghost of Business Past Have you captured your origin story? Do you share it with employees and customers? On […]

4 Reasons Your Team isn’t Performing

Last quarter, your team didn’t reach their goals. You chalked it up to market circumstances or a seasonal anomaly. Halfway through another quarter and things aren’t looking any more optimistic. It’s obvious this is a trend and something has to change. Before you assume you should restructure bonuses or send folks through training, you should […]

Envision Versus Division: Which Will You Choose?

In your organization, you have a choice. You can envision something bigger than yourself that others can rally together around. Or you can cut things down to size and try to divide, because you’re afraid of hoping for something bigger. When you have a mindset to envision, you unite people around a common cause. You […]

4 Ways Leaders Establish the Big Picture

Indulge me with a short thought experiment. Imagine you’ve hired a professional photographer to get a well-crafted portrait of yourself. You arrive at the address he provided, which appears to be his house. You walk up to the front and ring the doorbell. He opens the door and seems a little surprised to see you. […]

The Death Trap of Black Box Leadership

“Nobody ever tells me anything.” “How are these decisions made?” “Apparently that is on a need-to-know basis, and I don’t need to know.” If these are phrases heard in your workplace, then there’s clearly a communication issue. Despite studies that have shown better corporate-wide communication helps morale, while poor communication has the most negative impact – companies seem to […]