Cruel Bosses: The Gods of Workplace Punishment

Overworked employee

While some folks have fulfilling jobs, many find their work to be torturous. You don’t have to look hard to find examples portraying jobs as boring and/or painful to endure. Here is a short list of movies or TV shows. Office Space Horrible Bosses The Devil Wears Prada 9-to-5 American Beauty The Apartment The Office Even if you don’t […]

Man vs. Machine

Pulleys, wheels and levers are all considered simple machines. For centuries, people have used these to ensure whatever effort they applied translated into the biggest impact. The Egyptians used simple machines to help build the pyramids – a feat they could not have accomplished otherwise. The concept of simple machines in classical times was so […]

Landscapers and Clockmakers

I was thinking today of leaders with very different approaches, both effective in their own way. The first approached leadership like a landscaper approaches his work. He would try and plant people in the area they could best grow. The right environment of grounding (soil) and inspiration (light) was integral to good growth. He didn’t […]

Discouraging Artists

I came across this article from the president of Wheaton College recently. In it, Philip Ryken gives an admittedly abridged list of ways church leaders can discourage artists. The information is applicable to other organizations, especially non-profits. If you’re in leadership and want to encourage creativity and artistry, I hope you will heed Ryken’s advice […]