How to Balance Creativity and Productivity

Creating something seems synonymous to producing something. Yet, the terms creativity and productivity can be very different concepts. If I describe someone as “creative” you probably imagine an artist or a person who generates clever ideas. When I mention a “productive” person, you likely think of someone very different. Perhaps an assembly line worker cranking out widgets, or a […]

On Being a Creative Thinker

I have often described myself as a creative thinker. It’s not an exercise in self-aggrandizement, it just happened to be the quickest way I could sum up how I love brainstorming, white boards, quizzical questions and looking at things differently. “Creative thinker” has become somewhat tired as a descriptor though, and to think creatively may […]

Pick a Fight

In her book The Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp gives several creative exercises. Creative Exercise #16 is Pick a Fight Tharp states that “Creativity is an act of defiance.” What are you defying? Are you willing to defy your usual route to the office and see what the new scenery inspires? Would you defy your typical […]

180 Ideas

Here’s a quick brainstorming tip. Next time you’re stuck on predictible, unoriginal ideas, try this: Think 180. Ask yourself, “What is the LAST thing I would do in this situation?” or “What is an idea opposite of these?” Make a list of the ideas that come to mind. Read over the list and evaluate WHY […]

Top Posts

If you’d like to read some of the top blog posts from Casual Fridays, here they are: 7 Reasons No One Likes Your Ideas Why don’t people listen or use your ideas? Here are a few clues. Pull! 10 Signs Youre Shooting Down Good Ideas Are you as open to new ideas as you think? […]