How to Balance Creativity and Productivity

Creating something seems synonymous to producing something. Yet, the terms creativity and productivity can be very different concepts. If I describe someone as “creative” you probably imagine an artist or a person who generates clever ideas. When I mention a “productive” person, you likely think of someone very different. Perhaps an assembly line worker cranking out widgets, or a […]

How Emotional Posture Stunts Growth

“I’ll never let that happen again.” Amidst all of life’s slings and arrows, we learn to put up our shields to protect ourselves. We do this to get through situations when we feel attacked, but if we leave our shields up we close ourselves off. We galvanize ourselves in a way that prevents us from learning, changing and growing. […]

The Secret to Getting There

  There can be an exciting place to think about. It is where we want to go. We dream of it. We imagine ourselves somehow looking better – stronger, more secure, more confident, admirable, accomplished, popular, envied, relaxed, unburdened, successful – all because we have arrived there. We paint a picture through goals and visions. […]

How to Find Significance in Your Work

Crossing numerous small hills doesn’t make you a mountain climber. Dousing millions of lit matches one at a time won’t qualify you as a fire fighter. Running a quarter mile every day for four months won’t make you a marathon runner. The tedium of small accomplishments can lead you to become apathetic about what you’re doing. If […]

Does Seth Godin Get It?

After reading Seth Godin’s latest book What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn), a friend and I talked about it. She questioned why there is such a disconnect between how most people live their lives and the possibilities Seth talked about in his book. It was a really smart question, and it […]