How Attractions Help You Avoid Distraction

There’s a big reason we have so many issues trying to accomplish important work. We aren’t clear about what is the main attraction and what are simply distractions. When you think about your daily activities, how many of them could be classified as a distraction? Binge-watching House of Cards Scrolling through a dozen screens of Facebook updates […]

How Do You Decide When to Quit?

Knowing when to quit and when to press on can be one of life’s toughest decisions. When things get tough, the tough get going… but do they go straight ahead or in a different direction? When I wanted to quit football in high school, my father taught me a lesson I have never forgotten. In preparation for […]

How Emotional Posture Stunts Growth

“I’ll never let that happen again.” Amidst all of life’s slings and arrows, we learn to put up our shields to protect ourselves. We do this to get through situations when we feel attacked, but if we leave our shields up we close ourselves off. We galvanize ourselves in a way that prevents us from learning, changing and growing. […]

2 Kinds of Indecision

You are faced with a nearly infinite number of decisions each day. The cereal aisle in the grocery store used to be a sign of our mountain of choices, but you can now find enough varieties of any product to fill a store (or more) thanks to online shopping. The only problem with your freedom to […]

How to Find Significance in Your Work

Crossing numerous small hills doesn’t make you a mountain climber. Dousing millions of lit matches one at a time won’t qualify you as a fire fighter. Running a quarter mile every day for four months won’t make you a marathon runner. The tedium of small accomplishments can lead you to become apathetic about what you’re doing. If […]

Does Seth Godin Get It?

After reading Seth Godin’s latest book What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn), a friend and I talked about it. She questioned why there is such a disconnect between how most people live their lives and the possibilities Seth talked about in his book. It was a really smart question, and it […]