How Attractions Help You Avoid Distraction

There’s a big reason we have so many issues trying to accomplish important work. We aren’t clear about what is the main attraction and what are simply distractions. When you think about your daily activities, how many of them could be classified as a distraction? Binge-watching House of Cards Scrolling through a dozen screens of Facebook updates […]

How Do You Decide When to Quit?

Knowing when to quit and when to press on can be one of life’s toughest decisions. When things get tough, the tough get going… but do they go straight ahead or in a different direction? When I wanted to quit football in high school, my father taught me a lesson I have never forgotten. In preparation for […]

How to Find Significance in Your Work

Crossing numerous small hills doesn’t make you a mountain climber. Dousing millions of lit matches one at a time won’t qualify you as a fire fighter. Running a quarter mile every day for four months won’t make you a marathon runner. The tedium of small accomplishments can lead you to become apathetic about what you’re doing. If […]

4 Reasons Your Team isn’t Performing

Last quarter, your team didn’t reach their goals. You chalked it up to market circumstances or a seasonal anomaly. Halfway through another quarter and things aren’t looking any more optimistic. It’s obvious this is a trend and something has to change. Before you assume you should restructure bonuses or send folks through training, you should […]