The Smell of Entropy

Years ago, a colleague and I walked into a long-standing Bennigan’s restaurant for lunch. We were seated pretty quickly and had our choice of almost any table in the joint. This was surprising because several businesses and a nearby hospital indicated a strong lunch crowd. But inside the restaurant, the decor was dated, the staff […]

Willow Creek Leadership Summit 2013 Live Blog (Friday) #wcagls

3:45 PM CDT Closing Session Andy Stanley Jesus asking, “Who do people say I am?” then “What about you guys say I am?” Peter answers. Jesus says Peter didn’t come up with that on his own, but it was revealed by the Father. Jesus says, “On this rock, I will build my congregation… my assembly. […]

Willow Creek Leadership Summit 2013 Live Blog (Thursday) #wcagls

4:15 PM CDT Session 4b: Unscripted Leadership Mark Burnett Interview by Bill Hybels Started as a T-shirt seller on the beach. In Europe, if you don’t speak right or go to the right school, you don’t get options. That’s not the case in the US. A businessman told me to start with the lowest cost […]

Discouraging Artists

I came across this article from the president of Wheaton College recently. In it, Philip Ryken gives an admittedly abridged list of ways church leaders can discourage artists. The information is applicable to other organizations, especially non-profits. If you’re in leadership and want to encourage creativity and artistry, I hope you will heed Ryken’s advice […]

Conspiracy vs. Collaboration

There are two models of communication at play today. Conspiracy or Collaboration There are times when conspiracy is a necessary evil. Most of the time though, conspiracy is a detriment to our relationships. It limits us and pits us against one another. Which do you use in your business? … in your church? … with […]

Birds of a Feather

A little Thursday update because I don’t know if I’ll blog tomorrow. Just got out of Kem Meyer’s session Got Blog? It was a great session. Yes, some of the material was basic, but that’s what the session description stated. Still, she shared some great advice to bloggers – novice and veteran alike. Also, I […]

Learning the Art of Faith and Art

This isn’t as profound as the title suggests. Next week, I’m attending a Chicago conference with a team from Liberty Church in Broken Arrow, OK.   It’s the Arts Conference at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago’s suburb of South Barrington, IL. This will be my third time to attend one of their Arts Conferences.  It’s […]