6 Ways Leaders Manage Barriers

There are few figures who have addressed the topic of leadership with the zeal of Tom Peters. Years ago, I participated in an online community of folks on Tom Peters’ website. One day, Tom posted this quote. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” […]

The Hire Standard

Two posts by Big-Time Gurus recently addressed the same point.

1. Tom Peters:

Old story. But never an old story. I went to Whole Foods and Starbucks back-to-back yesterday afternoon. No holes: Every (EVERY—perhaps 6?) staff member was pleasant, chatty, informed, etc.

I remain amazed.

2. Seth Godin (read the post to get context)

Sure, she was an annoying nut. But she was passionate about containers, certainly. Smart hiring goes a long way.

Duh, you say? Yet how many businesses really hire people because they’ll be pleasant, chatty, informed, and PASSIONATE (specifically about your core offering)?

The Secret, the Shell, and the Flash in a Pan

I submitted a proposal to write a manifesto for Changethis.com. It is a presentation I present on personal development. The premise is based on the same concept as the 3 Rs of Business. In my presentation, I encourage individuals to take stock of their personal brand, Brand You as Tom Peters says, and look at […]