Letting the Glassdoor Hit You

I just read a wonderfully written article from The New Yorker by Lizzie Widdecombe. I recommend you read it as well. (Hat tip to Tom Peters) Widdecombe shares the story of Glassdoor’s genesis as a company and its impact–not only on job searches–but on workplace cultures. One quote in particular stood out to me. Last […]

How Leaders Herd Tigers

Todd Henry writes and speaks about creativity, productivity and passion at work. He is a blogger, podcaster, presenter and author of four books. In short, Todd describes himself as “an arms dealer for the creative revolution.” I personally feel like I have been well-armed as a creative professional (mercenary?) because I’ve been reading and listening […]

Don’t Hold Your Horsepower

“Hold your horses!” People use this phrase telling us to wait. To hold ourselves back. But we are all too willing to reign ourselves in. We already find plenty of reasons to stay in the gate instead of throwing ourselves into the race. Fear of embarrassment and rejection too often outweighs the lure of potential […]

Dealing with Intellectual Dishonesty

You probably consider yourself to be intellectually honest. In reality, it is hard work to deal with our intellectual dishonesty. Wikipedia describes intellectual honesty this way: Intellectual honesty is an applied method of problem solving, characterized by an unbiased, honest attitude, which can be demonstrated in a number of different ways: One’s personal faith does […]

How Where You Sit Could Increase Your Success

In eighth grade, I walked into the school cafeteria and decided I was going to do something different. Where students sat during lunchtime indicated how popular you were and which group you belonged to. There were groups for jocks, cheerleaders, band members, skaters and–to break away from the Breakfast Club stereotypes of the ’80s–we had […]